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Brand Proposition and Marketing Strategy

Maximise your brand profile and accelerate your sales pipeline working with our experienced Consulting Partners





Service Description

Our Partners will work with you to review your skills profile and experience, analyse the market demand and develop with you a coherent brand proposition and marketing strategy. As a member of Nicer you will be able to use our network to execute aspects of the marketing strategy, targeting key organisations and executives.

Once you have purchased the package, one of our advisors will contact you within 48 hours to discuss the programme and ensure we can match the right Consulting Partner to your needs. Our advisor will guide you through the preparation phase to ensure you get the most out of your package.

Our Consulting Partners' experience together with access across our member network provides you with unparalleled insight into the market needs and identify where there is a strong match to your skill base. We will work with you to develop your brand position and marketing strategy. Our process requires you to contribute to the process and we will want you to provide as much information as you can to ensure the resulting outcome aligns to your capabilities and expertise.

We will help you define your brand positioning and develop a coherent marketing plan, If necessary we will make recommendations about training needs and help you to network to accelerate your business. We will identify members in the network with whom a personal introduction will support your brand and help you execute your marketing activities.

As a follow up to this package you may purchase additional services to give you on-going partner coaching to help you achieve your goals and support you in the process building your consulting business.

Becoming a member of NicerConsult will give you access to our business development services including the option to reach out to new clients as well as access assignments not advertised in the market. You will be invited to network events that will increase your profile within your industry sector and assist you in developing your personal professional network.

You may cancel this service for a full refund at any time up the point of having the first meeting with one of our Partners.

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