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Developing Communication Skills

Learn listening and influencing skills to improve people management





Service Description

One of our senior consultants will explain the key concepts of both active listening and influencing others needed to improve people management skills. This mini course is complemented with materials on how to practice the skills needed to improve your competence. During the 1-2-1 sessions the consultant will run some interactive workshops with you to highlight key areas of improvement needed and guide you on the next steps.

These skills are essential in your consulting assignments and the earlier you learn these skills it will enhance your ability to be more effective with both your clients and your consulting colleagues. The course will give you the tools to work more effectively with clients and partners to improve relationships and enhance the value you provide through better interactions with key stakeholders.

This mini course is designed to be carried out on a 1-2-1 basis to give you personalised guidance and advice. Nicer offer from time-to-time group courses which complement this service package.

Once you have purchased the package, one of our advisors will contact you within 48 hours to arrange your first meeting with one of our senior consultants.

Becoming a member of NicerConsult will give you access to our business development services including the option to reach out to new clients as well as access assignments not advertised in the market. You will be invited to network events that will increase your profile within your industry sector and assist you in developing your personal professional network.

You may cancel this service for a full refund at any time up the point of having the first meeting with one of our senior consultants.

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